I’m sure you already know this, but let me be the first to remind you; one of the greatest days of your life is just around the corner! A day you may have been dreaming about for quite some time now. Amongst all the planning, nervous jitters, excitement, and happy tears, this day is one to be remembered.


"your story has already            it's my job to meet you right                                   


where you are."

The day you’ve been envisioning for several weeks, months, maybe even years, tends to be remembered as one big blur - but in the best way possible. So, that’s where I come in. I’ll make sure to capture all the incredible moments encompassed in your “blur.” That way, you can focus on soaking up every perfectly imperfect, beautifully blurry detail of your long awaited day. Think of it like this… remember seeing your favorite band for the very first time?

If you’re anything like me at a concert, you were probably fighting an internal battle; deciding whether to simply live in the moment and enjoy the music, or document every song with a fuzzy video recording on your phone just to relive the experience later. I like to think of myself as the solution for that little dilemma, as you won’t have to choose between being present on your day or being able to walk down memory road in years to come… plus, my camera has much better picture quality!

Your Elopement Experience

The problem is...

The problem is...

Heyo! I'm                  your newest third wheel.

Unlike other third wheels, I’m all about putting you and your partner first! It’s my job to make you feel as special on your big day as I felt on mine. Your elopement pictures are meant to help you relive one of your happiest moments. I hope they’ll fill you with the same amount of love in your hearts as the day they were taken. What makes me smile the brightest (besides Jesus, my hubby, and our cute pups - more on them later) are the sweet kisses, warm embraces, and of course, all the awkwardness guaranteed to ensue on that day. Don’t worry, the awkwardness is my favorite part. Somehow you found yourself on my page, with presumably high expectations of finding the best photographer for your elopement. Like they say, “everything happens for a reason,” so let me be yours! I promise, I’m the type of third wheel you’ll be happy to have around.



Heyo! I'm                  your newest third wheel.