First of all, congratulations on this amazing decision to have a destination wedding! Destination weddings are some of the most special days I've had the honor of being a part of. It's always a day full of love and laughter, with the people that you cherish most in this life! 

While having a destination wedding has so many benefits, planning one can be a little tricky. There's so many extra logistics that go into it with the travel and hotels and all of those things that you just don't want to have to worry about!

One way to ease these worries and make your day as stress free as possible is to book an all inclusive air bnb! There's so many air bnbs around the world that make for BEAUTIFUL venues at a fraction of the cost of a venue here in the states! And on top of that they double as accommodations for your wedding weekend.

I cannot recommend planning an air bnb wedding enough, so I compiled a list of incredible air bnbs all around the world that I think would make for an incredible backdrop for your wedding, and an incredible place to spend your wedding weekend!

Also, if you get married in any of these air bnbs or anywhere on my bucket list, you'll get a discounted rate on your wedding package!

Ps. Full disclosure these photos are not mine and most are taken from the air bnb website, so use your imagination to envision your dream day!

why book an air bnb for your wedding?

Hi, I'm McKenna! I'm a destination wedding and elopement photographer currently living in Kona, Hawaii. I've always loved all things travel and booked my first flight just months after turning 18 and moved to Australia for a few months, ever since then I was hooked.

I've loved exploring the world and when I started my photography business I loved the idea of being able to combine my two great loves, travel and photography! And that's just what I do now! Check out more of what I'm all about here!

One of my favorite things to do is plan destination weddings abroad (is that weird?). Sadly I've already had my own big day, and my husband won't let me have a new wedding each year so I'm here to help you with anything you might need! 

There's so much that goes into planning a destination wedding, especially if you're going abroad (check out my travel tips here). But that's what I'm here to help with! I want to be there with you and for you every step of the way! I don't want to just be a wedding vendor, I want to be a friend that's there celebrating with you! Still curious on what it's like to work with me, check out some more info here and hear what my new friends have to say here!

I also love being a part of the planning process, and just helping in any way I can, which is why all of my destination wedding packages come with multiple calls and planning meetings through your engagement so I can hear your dreams and together we can make them a reality!

So what are you waiting for? Check out this list of INCREDIBLE air bnb options and if none of these fit your dreams, lets chat and find the dream location for your dream day!

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This home is straight out of a greek postcard, and makes for such an amazing wedding location! This is the perfect spot for an intimate elopement with just a few friends, as the air bnb is a bit small, but makes for a GORGEOUS backdrop and is bound to have the most incredible sunsets (as Santorini always does) for your bridal portraits! Santorini itself also has so much to do and see with beaches and boat rides around every corner, and it's just an incredible place to spend your wedding week!

always dreamed of those santorini sunsets? this is the place for you!

more info on this air bnb here!

the perfect place for an italian countryside wedding

This home is absolutely unreal. If you've always dreamed of a italian countryside wedding, this is the place for you. Not only is it the most beautiful home itself, with that rustic and green vibe that is only truly found in the wine country of Italy. It also has large open grassy areas for a ceremony as well as hidden corners tucked in vines for bridal portraits.

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check out more info on this air bnb here!

I mean I think this place speaks for itself like WHAT THE HECK. Just the most unreal spot on a hilltop in the Spanish countryside, complete with open fields and rolling hills as the backdrop of your vows. This location has so much potential for photos I honestly don't even know where to start. It might actually be hard to take a bad photo here??? Another amazing feature of this location is that there's 11 beds! So you can bring let your close friends and family stay with you to relieve any hassle of transportation on your wedding day! It even has a tiny chapel in the castle if you've always wanted to have that classic church wedding! This place seriously has it all.

spanish castle in the hills

check out more info on this air bnb here!

a jungle getaway in bali

What better place to get married than the jungle of Bali?? This air bnb is actually does weddings a lot which you can probably tell from the photos! They really have the spot set up for a perfect wedding and it has 13 beds for your friends and family! It is seriously the perfect spot for a perfect day!

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check out more info on this air bnb here!

Who doesn't want to get married on Lake Como? This lake is seriously such a gem in Italy and you really can't beat it. This house is not only HUGE with 8 bedrooms for your friends and family to stay in, but it also has so many gorgeous spots for your ceremony, whether that's on the rooftop terrace or on the water. There's so much potential at this house and it's the perfect location for the best day of your life!

a beautiful lake como wedding

check out more info on this air bnb here!

-Tessa & Cody

a hawaiian jungle getaway

In case you haven't realized it from my website, I'm a big fan of Hawaii weddings. Not only is it the place I call home but it's such an incredible place to tie the knot! Hawaii has the best of both worlds with the jungle and lush greenery with golden beaches right down the road! And this air bnb is perfect for just that, the perfect tucked away jungle hideaway with the perfect beach for sunset photos right down the street. It's also a huge house with 14 beds for your friends and family!

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check out more info on this air bnb here!

Thinking about having a hawaii wedding?

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-Tessa & Cody

a greek villa in in the
hills of mykonos

Just the most gorgeous villa to say your vows! Tucked in the hills of mykonos, this house is the perfect place for a BEAUTIFUL wedding. With a wide landscape and a view of the water you can really fit any amount of guests in this space. There's also a lot of sitting areas and couches which are great for entertaining and cocktail hour! It also has 10 beds for you and your closest people to spend the whole weekend together!

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check out more info on this air bnb here!

-Tessa & Cody

a indonesian rice field wedding

What's more Bali than rice fields? This house is so unique and SO COOL. Surrounding by green fields and lush greenery, this air bnb cannot be beat. It even has a cover for the pool to get married on the water! It's set up for weddings already and man did they know what they were doing. There's so many tucked away corners and hidden spots for photos, as well as the open fields to catch the sunset in!

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check out more info on this air bnb here!

Okay I know this is my third greek air bnb but you guys how could I not include this one??? This house is every mamma mia wedding dream I've ever had come true. This house has huge landscapes with gorgeous views of that crystal clear water that greece is so famous for. It has the most gorgeous ceremony site already set up and so many spots for reception and cocktail hour! It's also just a gorgeous house that makes for a perfect wedding week together!

mediterranean sea view wedding in greece

check out more info on this air bnb here!

This is such a beautiful place for a wedding! Not only is it a snow capped mountaintop location with the cutest red cabins, but just around the corner is the most crystal clear blue lake! You can even rent out the cabins to stay in and spend the whole weekend in this gorgeous spot! The only thing worth mentioning is the light in Alaska, since it's dark half the year you really can only plan your wedding for this spot in the summer!

a lakeside mountain top alaskan wedding

check out more info on this air bnb here!

This air bnb is absolutely incredible. Not only is it the perfect place to spend the weekend with your friends, but it's just blocks away from the most beautiful beach where you can tie the knot!. It's also just a few miles down the road from cannon beach if you've always dreamed of saying your vows in that iconic spot. The house itself has lots of outdoor areas for hanging out and relaxing, and it has a two separate buildings to stay in! If you've always wanted that slow Oregon Coast wedding, with your best friends and closest family, this is the place for you!

an oregon coast hideaway

check out more info on this air bnb here!

This air bnb would make for such a fun wedding! It's tucked away in the hills of Captain Cook on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is one of the coolest places I've been! It's such a fun little town and far enough away from the touristy things that you don't have to worry about it being busy! Not only is this air bnb the perfect place to have the hawaiian day of your dreams, but it's also a great place to go out and explore from! There's so much that this island has to offer, and we could head out to a waterfall or a beach for your bridal photos, or go out into a field of lava rock and get the coolest sunset photos of all time. This air bnb and island has so much potential for the most beautiful wedding day!

a hawaiian avocado farm wedding

check out more info on this air bnb here!

a castle wedding on the
coast of england

Okay you guys last but definitely not least, is this INCREDIBLE castle on the coast of england. This place is absolutely nuts. Not only is it on the coast with so much crazy potential for the most gorgeous sunset photos ever, but it's also a literal castle with so much room for any kind of wedding you could want! It's seriously one of the most beautiful places I've seen and I could not recommend getting married here enough!

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check out more info on this air bnb here!

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Now that you've got a few ideas of air bnbs to get married at, let's start planning your big day! If you get married in any of these locations or anywhere on my current bucket list you'll get a discounted rate on your photography package!

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